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Comparison of A-type and H-type Chicken Cages

Sep. 08, 2021

Chicken cages are widely used for laying hens, broilers, quail, birds, rabbits, etc. There are two different types of cages depending on their frames, one is the A type (also called battery cage) which requires more space and the other is the H type which can hold more chickens and take up less space. A type of chicken cage or H type of chicken cage just because they look like "A" or " H" shape. So what are the characteristics and advantages of each of them?


H-Type Cage

H Type Chicken Layer Cage


H Type Chicken Layer Cage

H type chicken cage has the features of high automation, high rearing density, saving land and labor cost. In addition, the separation of the chicken shed and people living zone avoids the disease spread. It is the best choice for intensive and large-scale poultry farming.

H type chicken cage is more suitable for single chicken house with 20,000-100,000 laying hens.


A-Type Cage

A Type Chicken Layer Cage

A Type Chicken Layer Cage

This layer cage is designed for both open and closed plans. The electronic control panel of A type cage controls feeding, watering, egg collection and manure removal systems. Therefore, it is easy to control parasitic diseases such as coccidiosis and worm infestation by using A type cages to raise chickens.

It can save more cost for farmers because its lower cost than H type layer cage system. And compared to H type cage, it can raise more chickens per unit area. Since A type cages are designed with long feed troughs, feed waste can be effectively controlled.

Besides, A type cage is easy to deliver and installation is very simple likewise its maintenance.




A type cage is traditional chicken cage system which is usually adopted in small quantity of home A type cage is suitable for chicken quantity below 10000. Of course, you can choose between manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic cages, depending on the number of chickens.

H type cage is more expensive than A type cage, but it occupies less space and is the future trend of chicken cage, especially for large capacity cages. H type cage has high space utilization and you can choose different number of tiers, up to 10 tiers.


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