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The Difference Between Cage And Traditional Chicken Farming

Dec. 27, 2021

There are two models of broiler breeding: Flat broiler farming and Broiler Chicken Cages farming.

The first broiler breeding model:

Flat broiler farming refers to the movement of chickens on a flat surface. Flat rearing can be further divided into free-range broiler farming, cage net flat rearing and ground mixed rearing. The traditional broiler farming method is the low-cost, simple and easy to implement factory-style flat farming. Although the cost of raising broilers is low and the equipment is simple, the range of activities is large and broilers are difficult to manage well. In addition, the excrement in the chicken house cannot be cleaned in time, and there is serious pollution, which can easily lead to broiler disease.

The second broiler breeding mode:

Broiler cage breeding mode refers to keeping chickens in cages. Raising broilers in broiler cages has become the most suitable method for broiler farming. Using Cage For Broiler saves labor, utilizes the area of the chicken coop and increases the meat production rate of broilers. 


Broiler Chicken Cages


Depending on the breed and age of the chickens, the reasons for choosing broiler cages are as follows:

1. To save floor space and raise more chickens.

Broiler cages are divided into three layers, the third layer is near the ground, and the second and top layers are above the third layer. Better use of space. It is proved that the capacity of broiler cage is three or four times of the same area of the ground.

2. Caged broilers are more cost effective.

The advantages in terms of strain age, mortality rate, slaughter weight and broiler weight are very unique compared to ground reared broilers. The main obstacle to raising caged broilers is simply the number of costly mesh boxes, but this cost is quickly covered by higher yields and profitability.

3. Broiler cage rearing reduces disease transmission.

The cages are ventilated in all directions, preventing the spread of viruses and diseases.

4. Save feed

Cage breeding broilers, the breeder only needs to put the feed into the trough to control the amount of feed and avoid feed waste.

5. Poop and cleaning

Broiler chickens are raised in cages where broilers are placed in the right amount and chicken manure falls into the cage under the mesh. Non-polluting treatment of broiler excrement with our poultry manure removal machine.

6. Convenient management

The small range of broiler group activities, low energy consumption and high stocking density are conducive to broiler rearing management.

Meanwhile, although the one-time investment of broiler cage equipment is larger, the cost of broiler breeding equipment is similar to the flat-farming mode. Although the bottom of broiler cages is hard, which can cause chicken breast cysts and leg problems, the soft plastic mesh at the bottom can solve this problem. In conclusion, the advantages of broiler cage farming over the traditional flat-farming method are obvious.

Therefore, if you want to have an ideal broiler breeding, you can try out broiler breeding equipment and related poultry chicken supplies, you can tell us and we will provide you with the right broiler breeding cage for you.


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