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3 Tiers 5 doors 120 Birds Chicken Cage

Chicken Layer Cages are a kind of equipment for egg-laying hens production, mostly used in chicken farm or homemade Farm. Usually 10 and more cages connected together into a row, have Water system and Feeding System.

Product Description

Product Description

The common capacity(in stock) of the cage is 3 tiers 120 birds, If imported, suggest MOQ:10 Cages. the common package for 10 chicken cage is wooden box and wooden pallet.

If less than 10 pieces of chicken cages, suggested the customer find a agency in china to help you to do transportation and applying customs, it will more convenient and economical.



Cage Accessory

♦Feeding trough

♦Nipple Drinking

♦Dung Board

♦PVC pipe

♦Support frame leg

♦Water tank

♦The valve and tee joint

♦Water tank bracket


Nipple drinker: 304 stainless steel ball, Effective control the water, 360 degree drinking. Long time use, simple disassemble, health & safety. More drinker type for your select. We have so many different drinkers type for you choose.

Loading capacity: >60kgs/ pcs, not fall off. We also have thicker galvanized metal feeders.

-Angle iron steel frame, Size: 4x4cm, Surface can be electric galvanized and hot dip galvanized.

-Water tank: 12L, made of brand-new pure natural polyethylene, with strong toughness, high compressive strength and anti-aging property.

-Voltage regulator: Water pressure regulating sensitive, stable and reliable, simple maintenance


Model Installation size Nest/strip Total nests Size of the nest Chicken/nest Capacity/set
3tiers 4 doors 1.92m L*2m W*1.56m H 4 24 0.47*0.35*0.37*0.32 m 4 96
3tiers 5 doors 2m L*2.1m W*1.56m H 5 30 0.50*0.38*0.38*0.33 m 3 90
4tiers 4doors 1.92m L*2.2m W*1.9m H 4 32 0.39*0.35*0.37*0.32 m 3 or 4 90 or 120
4tiers 5 doors 2.m L*2.2m W*1.9m H 5 40 0.43*0.38*0.38*0.33 m 4 120
Materials Low carbon steel wire, Q195 steel wire, Q235 steel wire
Surface Treatment Cold galvanized
Hot dip galvanized
PVC coated
Lifespan Cold galvanized (7-10 years)
Dip galvanized (15-20 years)
PVC coated (7 years)
Package Full container loading: cage and cage stand have no package, some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box
Less container loading: packed in wooden box or pallet


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