4 Tiers 4 doors 128 Birds Chicken Cage

Chicken Layer Cages are a kind of equipment for egg-laying hens production, mostly used in chicken farm or homemade Farm. Usually 10 and more cages connected together into a row, have Water system and Feeding System.

Product Description

The common capacity(in stock) of the cage is 4 tiers 128 birds, If imported, suggest MOQ:10 Cages. the common package for 10 chicken cage is wooden box and wooden pallet.

Egg Layer Battery Chicken Cages are an excellent choice for any would be poultry chicken cage farmer. Not only do they save time by holding feed and water for long periods of time, they save space too, ground space for 1000 chicken using convectional methods easily becomes space for 5000 chickens using our hot dipped galvanized metal egg layer chicken cages.

ModelInstallation sizeNest/stripTotal nestsSize of the nestChicken/nestCapacity/set
3tiers 4 doors1.92m L*2m W*1.56m H4240.47*0.35*0.37*0.32 m496
3tiers 5 doors2m L*2.1m W*1.56m H5300.50*0.38*0.38*0.33 m390
4tiers 4doors1.92m L*2.2m W*1.9m H4320.39*0.35*0.37*0.32 m3 or 490 or 120
4tiers 5 doors2.m L*2.2m W*1.9m H5400.43*0.38*0.38*0.33 m4120
MaterialsLow carbon steel wire, Q195 steel wire, Q235 steel wire
Surface TreatmentCold galvanized
Hot dip galvanized
PVC coated
LifespanCold galvanized (7-10 years)
Dip galvanized (15-20 years)
PVC coated (7 years)
PackageFull container loading: cage and cage stand have no package, some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box
Less container loading: packed in wooden box or pallet

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