H type chicken broiler cage

Saving cost for customers because of the lower investment.

Product Description

1. Saving cost for customers because of the lower investment.
2. More suitable for tropical regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America and Middle East countries.
3. Automatic welding and bending system, exact production parameter and no problem installation.

4. Transverse sliding door and deep feed trough edge control the feed losses effectively.

5. Easy to control parasitic disease like coccidiosis and worm infestation.
6. Higher feeding efficiency, easier operation and maintenance compare to floor system.
7. High egg laying rate and low mortality rate.

The specifications of broiler cage
ModelNest/stripTotal nestsChicken/nestCapacity/set
3tiers 2 doors261060
MaterialsLow carbon steel wire, Q195 steel wire, Q235 steel wire
Surface TreatmentCold galvanized
Hot dip galvanized
PVC coated
LifespanCold galvanized (7-10 years)
Dip galvanized (15-20 years)
PVC coated (7 years)
PackageFull container loading: cage and cage stand have no package, some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box
Less container loading: packed in wooden box or pallet

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